How To Remove Wallpaper Easily In Simple Steps?

How To Remove Wallpaper Easily In Simple Steps?

The reason why some people do not opt for wallpapers in spite of they being beautiful is that they think removing the wallpapers at any future instance is difficult. But the truth is that it is nowhere near as difficult as you might think. On top of that, modern wallpapers are easy to peel off whenever you need. You can even change the wallpapers from time to time to revamp the overall design of the room. There are different ways available for removing wallpapers of different types. The following is the complete guide in simple steps.


Step 1. In order to remove the wallpapers in a room, you have to clear the room. This means you can place the furniture items in the center on the room so that there is enough space from the wall to remove the wallpapers easily. If possible, remove everything from the room to another room.

Step 2. Shut down the electricity to the room and cover all the furniture items and others. Besides, seal the power outlets and switches with painter’s tape.

Step 3. Understand and determine your wallpaper type because different wallpaper needs different removal procedure. Besides, you should know whether your wall is of plaster or of drywall. There are three types of wallpapers namely strippable, peelable and traditional wallpaper.

Use a knife to loosen the corner, and if it comes off right away, it is strippable. If it peels away and leaves a paper backing, it is peelable, and the rest is the traditional wallpaper that needs to be remove using water or chemical stripper.

Steps To Remove Strippable Wallpaper

You need a putty knife and soap water.

Step 1. Use the putty knife to loosen the corner and use your hands to peel the paper from the wall. Pull slowly and closely to avoid tearing. If it does get torn, peel from the other corner and repeat the process for the entire room.

Step 2. Once you have removed all the wallpaper, clean the wall and use soap water to remove any residue.

Steps To Remove Peelable Wallpaper

You need wallpaper stripper or putty knife and soap water.

Step 1. You have to first remove the top layer of the wallpaper. Use the putty knife to loosen the corner and pull the paper off.

Step 2. For peelable wallpaper, there will be a paper backing when you pull off the top layer. After the top layer is removed completely, you have to remove the paper backing using the steps to remove traditional wallpaper.

After that, you can remove the residue using soap water.

Steps To Remove Traditional Wallpaper

You need hot water, wallpaper stripper, spray bottle, putty knife

Step 1. Combine the hot water and wallpaper stripper. If the manufacturer has mentioned any instruction about the combined ratio, follow that strictly.

Step 2. Pour the solution into a spray and spray the solution to a small section of the wallpaper. Let the solution get absorbed for a few minutes.

Step 3. Now, use the putty knife to peel off the wallpaper. You should be peeling your way up the wall. Once the paper is removed from the section, repeat the same process of the rest of the wall in parts.

It is important to note that sometimes, the solution may not scrape easily as the solution may not be absorbed well. In such cases, you have to score the wall before spraying the solution.

Hope you are successful in removing wallpapers and go for new wallpaper or painting work.